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Anne Frank Essential Questions Humanities

Anne Frank Essential Questions Humanities

I find that all of the essential questions of this unit are prominent within the film “Anne Frank, Diary of a young girl “. Human rights are affected by systems of government, plays along with the storyline of Anne Frank. As a Jew, Anne’s government and Hitler forced her out of her home and into hiding. Because of the laws placed, she was not allowed to be seen, or would be sent to a concentration camp. Because of this, Anne’s human rights were violated and she was not allowed the freedom to live like all humans should. Her rights were violated because of discrimination, and her government and Hitler.

Also, Social change begins with an individual or small group ties into the story. Hitler was the man that started this uproar of a social chance. It was him that discriminated against the Jews, and sent them off to concentration camps to die, as if they were not people at all. Because of him, and a small group of followers, he impacted history and made a huge social change on life, as we know it today.

Finally, Human rights are impacted by the perception of the majority. The citizens had a choice whether or not to follow Hitler, but those who disagreed with him were threatened or worse. Eventually, the perception of the majority was that Jews should be killed, and therefore their human rights were violated. The human rights that the Jews were entitled to were impacted strongly by the eventual perception of the majority. In this case, the government, and the majority of the population.

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Improv Reflection Questions
1. If you were in the audience watching a successful improv actor, what specifically would this actor be doing? (4-5 sentences) – remember the 3 rules of improv and techniques such as verbal details and reincorporation.

This actor would be doing all of the things that we have learned so far in our improv unit, plus some extra techniques. They would be using re-incorporation alot, and would be cheating towards the audience the entire time. They would follow a specific story, with a background, an event, a resolution, and a conclusion. They wouldn’t pause, and they would say the first thing that came to their mind. They would reveal everything to the audience, and not leave them questioning what the W’s were. And most importantly, they would make their partner look good at all times.

2. What improv skill do you feel is your strongest? Which skill is your weakest? (2-3 sentences)

I feel like saying the first thing that comes into my head is a good skill, and so is making my partner look good. I usually am a quick thinker, and what I say accepts my partners offer, or makes a new offer. I think that my re-incorporation is my worst skill, because I usually bring something in and forget about it later. For example, My partner dropped a water bucket, and I later stood where she put it.

3. Overall, do you enjoy improv? Why or why not? (3-4 sentences)

I enjoy improv, because its much more fun than other types of acting. Usually when someone says the first thing that comes to their minds its funny to watch. It’s also really interesting to see what you can make out of nothing, because thats really what it is, making something out of nothing. Improv is all about the imagination.


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